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What We Wish We had NOT done in Vienna

WARNING: The material you are about to read is BORING. So boring in fact, that we did not even take the time to take pictures of 3 out of the 5 things we have listed that we believe you should not do.

  1. The Sisi Museum…. Probably the most boring place we have visited. This is saying quite a lot. Generally we can have fun doing anything and learning is definitely at the top of the list of fun things for us to do. This was mundane and we wanted to leave about 6.2 minutes into it.
  2. Symphony? Seeing one is a must but do not see one at St. Anne’s. Yes, it is a beautiful venue but I swear, we truly believe the pews were used as a torture device during the Dark Ages. Go look but don’t touch.

    (St Anne’s; Click for fun Vienna Adventures)

  3. Jewish Museum- Judenplatz– Okay, so you’re thinking Vienna..Austria…at some point, in my mind at least, Holocaust…Jews…No? Just me? Either way– Do not waste your time or your money on going here. You wouldn’t learn much of anything, the employees were rude, and their ability to talk about absolutely nothing in particular is astounding.

    (slight acknowledgement that Jews were here)

    (slight acknowledgement that Jews were here)

  4. Other Jewish MuseumJudische Museum der Stadt Wien- This museum is connected with the museum above. I mean, you have to walk to a few streets over to get to it (we got a little lost) but you are paying for both. Since we did not see anything at the first museum we thought this museum would show us more. Have more information, have more facts, have more history. This was not the case at all. The only thing it had more of was screens, screens connected to a camera that showed a live feed of a room at sister museum. The actual building was really cool though. Once again, total waste of time and money.

“‘We don’t know what is going on.’ -Austria” -Maria

5. Taxi— Okay, so this is kind of a must and must not do. Weird, I      know. To get the full experience or if you want to die then I would  recommend it, but we happened to survive so we will never take a taxi in Vienna again.

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