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All the “Wanders” of Prague at Night

(Shooting each other)

(Shooting each other)

If we’ve learned anything traveling to new cities, it’s that you have to be careful everywhere you go- especially at night. Walking about Prague in the nighttime didn’t feel particularly dangerous or scary. Maybe it’s just a feeling that the city has, at ease and non-threatening, that made us feel safe and never too suspicious of any alleys we found to wander down.


Most of the streets were populated with couples and groups of friends walking together. Everyone seemed in wonderful spirits (maybe they were mostly consisting of tourists and were drunk on the feel of this beautiful city)

The architecture is even more mysterious and wonderful at night with the street lamps highlighting and shadowing every carved surface.

And of course, we are going to walk down the streets that aren’t littered with people out for midnight strolls.

One thing we really loved was the absence of vehicles. We even learned that cars and trucks aren’t allowed in certain parts of the city becauseĀ of air pollution.

(we have no idea where we are)

(Charles Bridge at night)

(Charles Bridge at night)

We wandered back to Charles Bridge to view the city from the river at night. Something about lights reflecting on water gives everything a more magical feel.


(Old Town Square at nighttime)

(Old Town Square at nighttime)

Old Town Square is much less crowded at night, so you can get a great view of the Astronomical Clock without being elbowed to death.

St Nicholas Church

(A glimpse of St Nicholas Church)

To conclude, Prague is a spectacular city both in daylight and in cloak of darkness.

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  1. Michelle July 22, 2016

    Very good!! Beautiful pics!!

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