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Wherever we travel, we always have a camera in tow. Day hikes, weekend road trips, random adventures- Maria jokes that my Nikon has become my official eyeball, but she is just as guilty for continuously having out her video camera or phone. I’m hardly a professional, but photographing my surroundings has always been something I’ve enjoyed.  This particular shot was captured by Maria on an unidentified spot in the Smoky Mountains during a five day road trip we took Memorial Day weekend through the Carolinas, Georgia, and Tennessee.

We packed a single bag for the two of us and one for our dog, water and easy-to-fix meals were kept in a cooler in the trunk; we laid down the back seat and added blankets and pillows for our makeshift bed. We own a “power inverter” that has a car adapter and allows us to charge our computers, cameras, and other electronics while on the road. So, we were always able to backup our photos and videos and not stress about running out of storage space.

Once we had the basic outline of beaches, mountains, and vegan restaurants we wanted to visit we were set to leave. One thing that we weren’t quite prepared for was the “dog hours” on most Carolina beaches. Despite that setback, there were a couple beaches that allowed all dogs without hour restrictions. We only found this out by asking a local shop owner if there were any nearby, every beach that was searched online was either hours away or not pet friendly. We know it can be awkward and that some people are just a little too stubborn to ask for help, but in certain situations it’s best to swallow that pride and get on with your day.

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