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Three Parks You’ll Love near Nashville

Parks are places we spend quite a bit of time in. Each of these parks is unique and you will like at least one of them no matter who you are. This list is in no particular order.

Long Hunter State Park— Located in Hermitage and one of the more quiet and secluded parks. It being stunning doesn’t hurt its reputation either.Long Hunter State park tennessee


Centennial Park— There can be quite a lot of people here on any given day because it is located almost in the very middle of Nashville. Usually people aren’t something we seek but because of the many events (free music and food trucks) that take place here and the variety of things near we usually don’t mind too much.centennial park nashville


Radnor Lake State Park/Natural Area— Located in Oak Hill and takes up about 1,332 acres. Radnor Lake can almost take your breath away when seen when the leaves are changing. I highly recommend going then.Radnor Radnor Lake State park


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