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How to Not Kill Your Travel Partner: A Guide to Love

Is your travel buddy stubborn? annoying? impossible to deal with at times? really good looking? Here’s a compiled list of how to not strangle, stab, or smother your significant other/ best friend while on the road. After all, they may come in handy later on.

  1. Remind yourself that you love them- repeat it often
  2. Remember, it’s best to travel in two’s
  3. Avoid sharp objects when your temper begins to spike
  4. Think about why you’re mad- are you hungry? tired? grumpy?
  5. Just remember, you’re always right.
  6. Sometimes it’s best to take a moment alone- use the ole “I have to go to the bathroom” excuse
  7. They can’t help being annoying, it’s innate
  8. Journal out your frustrations
  9. Screaming into a pillow or thick sweater works too
  10. Write a list

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