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Well That’s Just Beachy

Some days you just want to relax and not trek too far from the comforts of the tiki bar. We are strong supporters of the strong drinks and enjoying all the peaceful atmospheres that come with lounging at the beach- the Bahamas is definitely no exception.

All we care to do is explore, make new acquaintances, and (mostly) immerse ourselves in conversations with one another. It’s easy to ignore other tourists when you’re in your own little world together. I’m not telling you to be rude or anti-social, we just prefer to mingle with the natives to get the real experience of the country we are in. Besides, one benefit of being in the water with multiple people is the chance that the shark will choose you for a snack is dwindled considerably.


A little post script: Not everyone is a smoker or a drinker; if you are indulging, be considerate of your surroundings (that includes people and the environment). Bring a little baggie with you to hold your trash until you can locate a garbage can or recycle bin. Let’s face it, no one wants to walk on snowy white sand towards crystal blue-green waters whilst dodging bits of litter or cutting their toe on a discarded bottle top.

It’s all about respect and preserving this beautiful planet, am I right?

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