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The Islands- Hidden Treasure or Tourist Plank Walk?

Despite the immense tourist population during the summer months, there’s always a quiet beach to be found in the Bahamas.



If someone does show up, you can almost bet on it being a local. And so, you’re presented with the perfect opportunity to mingle and learn about another person’s life.

We met a man whose house was behind a wall separating his backyard from the beach. He had been going for a swim every day while his dog companion watched and followed him along the shoreline.

After the ten minute conversation we were left alone again and didn’t see another person until we ventured back towards the hotel (this is where the toe incident happened: click the photo below to see more details about that).


the color game

(the color game)

Our conclusion is this: if you want to see a beautiful island paradise that’s a short plane ride from the United States, go here. If you don’t mind being surrounded by Americans while on vacation, go here. If you want one of those things without the other, go here and venture away from the hotels, restaurants, and souvenir shops. Find solitude on a beautiful beach and relax.

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