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Can You be Vegan in the Bahamas?

Whenever we are planning a trip, one of the first things we search for are the vegan restaurants and vegan options available in the places we will explore. Food is one thing we definitely indulge in. If there is a vegan food joint in the area, then you bet your sweet bottom that we will be there trying every appetizing item on the menu. Our accounts are screaming no, but our tummies and taste buds are saying ohhh yessss.

The Bahamas doesn’t grow any vegetation, all of their fruits and vegetables are imported. So, of course, there were hardly any options for us besides fruits and veggies  ….. or so we thought! After venturing around town we came across a little Irish restaurant/ pub and a nearby sushi restaurant (no fish were harmed by us). They served veggie burgers at the pub that weren’t half bad, but we certainly enjoyed the beer, and fries are always a “go to” in a time of need.

We will post more later on the vegan products we use and love.



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  1. you know July 12, 2016

    this is amazing

    • MaLynn July 15, 2016 — Post Author

      Thank You! Eating vegan is a big part of life for us. We will follow up with posts including all the wonderful vegan eats we find in our travels. Keep reading!

  2. Donald T. July 15, 2016

    Was this beer, you speak of, vegan also?

    • MaLynn July 15, 2016 — Post Author

      Indeed, it was. The filtration process is what determines whether a beer is vegan or not

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