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Best Experiences of New York

New York. Growing up, I had many fantasies of visiting the Big Apple (Fun fact: Known in the 1600s as the New Orange). Being from a small town where it was necessary to have vehicular transportation to get from A to B, the thought of walking anywhere and everywhere always appealed to me. I wanted to live in a place where “everything” was walking distance. To say I romanticized New York is a massive understatement.New York

New York is the place to be if your looking for: Vegan food, amazing music, museums, and multi-cultural immersion. Though our time there was bittersweet, I’m choosing to give you a taste of the Sweet in this post.

One thing that you may or may not know about us is that we are geniuses with a road map. Not so skilled at subway maps. We spent a total of 2-3 hours lost on the subway at certain points in our trip. Hey, nobody is perfect right?

To see all the food we consumed while we weren’t lost in New York, Click Here.

Nighttime falls and we set off for Radio City Music Hall where our favorite band, Daughter, is playing. We first saw her a few years ago in Atlanta and have been hooked (and a bit obsessed) ever since.Radio City Music Hall

She was opening for Ben Howard. While Ben is a talented artist, I must say that the energy Daughter brought to that room was ten times more powerful. I can’t wait to see her a third time, hopefully on her upcoming North American tour this winter. If you want to hear songs that make you feel, check out her music.Daughter

And now a tip on hotels in NY:

If you’re ever in need of a cheap(er) and budget savvy place to stay while in New York… Look no further than the Pod Hotel. We stayed at Pod 51 and were pleasantly surprised at their ability to do away with the unnecessary and wasteful and supply us with a perfectly adequate/minimalist room. They concern themselves with conservation and that is an admirable trait, especially in the United States. The rooms were similar to something you might expect of a college dorm room, but with a more elegant feel.

Pod 51 Hotel

(View from the Pod rooftop)

Pod 51

While we weren’t expecting communal bathrooms, we certainly didn’t mind. It is a new generation of hotel and a big step in the right direction of conservation on the planet. Besides, the bathroom is private and only shared. We suggest staying here if you MUST stay in a hotel. Why blow money on a room that you could spend on donuts instead? And with a view like the one above, what’s there to complain about?

Another thing that is an absolute treat when you’re in New York is the Natural History Museum. By far, the best one we’ve visited thus far.

American museum of natural history

American museum of natural history

(Walking with the elephants)

Art students were lined up in rows along the floor of the exhibits all throughout the museum. It was fascinating to see the talent that they possessed, creating life-like drawings on paper.

American museum of natural history

And what is New York without a walk through the infamous Central Park?

Central Park

(Maria holding the precious falafel and fries)

We didn’t have to walk too far from where we entered to find a beautiful spot to sit and rest our legs. (That is if you ignore the pollution so evidently before you)

(The greenest lake you'll ever lay eyes on)

(The greenest lake you’ll ever lay eyes on)

We were just waiting for some radioactive monster to rise from the depths, gobble the unsuspecting ducks and maybe a few boaters, and sink back below.

One thing we did learn about New York is this: Even though it’s beautiful in the urban jungle type of way, it is smelly, it is rude, and it isn’t for us. We love our clean air, trees, and mountains too much. Also, there is no way that we could live there comfortably. New York is for the rich and that’s something we will never be.

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