We have an insatiable need for adventure. We’ve never been satisfied staying in any one place for too long. And so, this blog was born. We intend to document our travels and share our experiences with other adventure junkies or just curious passers-by.

We have been best friends since the first day we met 11 years ago. Fighting the inevitable for years, we finally began dating a year and a half ago. Ever since, it’s been a nonstop road to where we are today- looking to make our love of travel and new experiences our life’s work.

In our first year together, we have been to four countries, countless new towns and cities, and will be leaving for the next country in just a few short months. We intend to never stop exploring, spending what little we have on one adventure after another. Subscribe to keep up with how we do it!

Meet Maria:

 How does one describe oneself? Honestly, I’m more of the laid-back, behind-the-scenes, not big on attention type. Needless to say, having a blog is a bit out of my comfort zone. So, here goes…I grew up in a very small town with a lot of closed minds. I always felt different. I always was different. I wanted more. I wanted adventure. I wanted to live. Living is exactly what I intend on doing. I will be doing this with the love of my life by my side (who could ever want more than that?). So far, only five countries seen and the whole world to go. I can not wait. Risks, taking the plunge, jumping and falling are the things I thrive on. Trying and seeing what happens is all anyone can do, right? I look forward to sharing the results of this grand adventure we call life with you all.


Meet MaLynn:

I hate writing “about me’s.” So, to commence with the awkwardness… I’m MaLynn, obviously. I love to hike, walk, drive, anything to keep me moving. I’ve always felt the pull of the world and wasted a lot of years ignoring it. Finally, I did what I always dreamed of doing: I committed to my best friend and began to live the adventure that I knew life was meant to be- and I’ve never regretted one day of it. For too long I felt like I was floating through life, truly unhappy with the molds that society uses to shape the masses. Rejecting those “norms” was the liberation I always needed. I walk my own path whenever possible and I am content with my life of constant wondering and wandering and the adventures that await around every corner. I hope my explorations inspire others to do what makes them happy. You’ll find me with a camera in my hand almost anywhere I go, it’s my third eye to the world. Stay tuned to get a glimpse of life through my eyes.




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