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5 Reasons You’ll Hate Wave-ing Goodbye to the Bahamas

(Enjoying solitude in paradise)

We loved our trip to the Bahamas. The sea, the locals, the foods, and definitely the secret beaches will always be a treasured memory for us. We play it smart when booking our tickets and hotels (if not backpacking or camping). We search for the best deals and that is certainly what we got with staying at Memories. What could have been a pricey vacation, turned into an exciting and affordable adventure for both of us.

  1. The unique beaches, duh.
  2. The local lingo and attitudes
  3. Caves in the most unexpected places
  4. The beautiful landscapes ranging from rocky shorelines to forests and marshes
  5. You now have to go back to your job and everyday life (Maybe. That’s your choice)

(View from the clouds)

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