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Wandering Vegan in New York

Being a vegan in New York isn’t difficult. It is home to some of the most exquisite vegan foods. Choices that never end and always satisfy.

I’ll begin with the best donuts you’ll ever have in your entire life. Vegan or not. (these just happen to be cruelty-free)

Dunwell Donuts– Honestly, I’d return to New York just for these beautiful, perfectly doughy, perfectly moist creations of- well, perfection. It’s not everyday you come across a vegan donut shop, so when it happens make the most of it! They have a wide variety to choose from and all are equally unique and mouth-watering. We were so excited that we bought a dozen. Our only regret was having to carry the box around New York all day. I’d say it was well worth the aggravation though.Dunwell donut shop

Vegan New York

(Lugging Donuts and Coffee across the Brooklyn Bridge.)

Next stop: Chinatown! Unfortunately, we don’t have pictures, but it will forever make our list of favorite New York attributes. We happened to wander into a tiny, dark restaurant where we had the most delicious vegan “seafood” soup on the East coast. We get neglectful when we are hungry, tired, and sweaty, so to this day we still wonder over the name of the place. It’s one of those finds that occur out of mishaps, destined never to be found again.

Now, you can’t visit New York and not go to Central Park.

We purchased falafel from a nearby food truck and ventured into the park in search of a bench. Of course it began to lightly rain as soon as we sat down, but it passed quickly and we got to enjoy the most delicious falafel that’s ever passed these lips!

Central Park

(the moment we’d been waiting for: Falafel and fries)

If you’re in the mood for sushi then you have to go to Beyond Sushi. They have three New York locations. Once again, we didn’t take photos. I think at this point we just wanted to take off our backpacks and enjoy some nice fish-less food. Photographing the meal was the last thing on our minds. I will say that it is truly amazing food, if not a little expensive.

Champs Diner– This all vegan diner made our day after spending a long night of sleeping in the JFK airport. We had the chicken and waffles and a big cup of coffee with rice milk and sugar. The atmosphere in this diner is like taking a step back into the 50’s, except the women and people of color have rights. Although, small the food packs a big punch. That is evident by the long line of people waiting at the door for tables to clear up. Nothing brings us joy like being surrounded by cruelty-free food and cruelty-free people. If you’re ever in Brooklyn, drop by and have yourself some amazing food.

The waitress did hear “two waffles” instead of “chicken and waffles” at first (maybe it’s the accent), but she happily brought us the drumsticks after we pointed out the mistake.champs diner

Champs Diner Brooklyn

(She always gets the shot of me with my mouth full)

Oh yeah, we also ordered the mozzarella sticks, fries, and the Cubano to-go. (Just a little snack while we waited for our flight to board.)

If you have any special places you go to eat Vegan in New York comment below! We want to hear about your favorite restaurants and foods! Let us know if you try our suggestions and feel free to share this post with your friends and family. Help us get the word out about veganism and all the options available to people who want to live without causing harm.

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