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Roadtripping the Carolinas

We love to road trip. Before we made the move from house to Prius, we took a test run to determine if we could do it full-time. A five day weekend in the Carolinas was just the ticket.

Sometimes, you just need to take your love, your pet, and a long weekend and do something spontaneous and fun. Pan to: everyday of our lives.

Myrtle beach– The beach was sparsely populated. Mostly older people. No dogs allowed between 8am- 5pm. We wanted to stay, but we also wanted Mister with us. We watched the sunrise then headed toward Sunset.

Myrtle Beach, bitch


Sunset Beach– Dog access also limited and way too many bodies. We decided to avoid this place and asked a local where to find a good, pet-friendly beach. This lead us to Ocean Isle Beach.

Mister is officially in love



Ocean Isle Beach– Bring your doggie and a leash (and beer…technically you’re not supposed to so shhhh). Of course we didn’t keep Mister on his leash. One shouldn’t be hindered by any force on a first visit to somewhere new. Especially a beach. He appreciated this so much that he decided to camouflage himself using only saltwater, sand, and a lot of wriggling.

Strawberry Picnic all day!



Blue Ridge Parkway-Breath-taking. Stopped several times along the way for photos and to take in the magnificent view. We stayed in one of the parking lots along the way, had a remarkable stargazing experience, and tea while the sun rose over the mountains the next morning.


Love BRP 2

Sunset BRP


Pisgah Forest– Like stepping into a dark, fairytale land. Foggy, dense, gloomily beautiful. Be sure to stop and see Looking Glass Falls, it’s a short walk from the road.

Pisgah 1

Mister is king of the rock

Looking Glass 1

Looking Glass 2


Smoky Mountains-Something about the way the light reacts with the unrelenting fog of these mountains that gives it a mysterious charm. Definitely a view worth staring at. Another great place for sleeping and an unobstructed view of the night sky.

Smoky 1

Smoky 2

Appalachian Trail, whaaa?

Clingman's Dome



Bean Vegan-Delicious. Delicious. Mini market in the back. Delicious. We ordered the queso dip, the crabby dip, fried pickles with ranch, the cowboy burger, the fish-less filet sandwich, and paid a visit to the market in the back. It wasn’t a cheap trip, but we had food to take with us for the ride back.

One minute, please



Fiery Gizzard– A via point for a quick, beautiful hike before returning home. A quick hike, because Mister got sick halfway through and we had to carry him the two miles back to the car. No worries, he was fine. Probably a little carsick from all the hours spent driving. We’ve hiked Fiery Gizzard a couple times and recommend it if you’re in Tennessee.

Fiery 1

Poor baby is sick

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