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Nashville To Dos

Obviously these are things to do in Nashville. This list mostly consists of places to eat and what you should eat there….duh. Go to Nashville. Do these things. Eat at these places. Check them out.

–East Nashville–

Rosepepper Cantina– Salsa. Tequila. Fried avocado. These are all that a vegan needs, right? We love this place for the laid back “vibe”, the three types of salsa they give you as soon as your tuckus hits the seat, the sign outside that always has a funny way of greeting you, and the bar of course.

Rosepepper Signage


The Pharmacy– Falafel burger, tots, and beer please. There is always a line going around the block waiting to get into this place. The most adorable beer garden, local beer, and all of the food is made fresh, with local ingredients, and by hand.

MaLynn never lets me have any of the food so...

MaLynn never lets me have any of the food so…

Local Taco– Okay, we went here for brunch one morning so we had the mimosas. HAVE THE MIMOSAS. Absolutely delicious. We drank them all day long. Then the tacos… we got the “Avocado and Fried Onion” and then the “Spicy Shrimp” and obviously substituted the shrimp with avocado. This place is definitely on the list of places we would enjoy everyday if possible.

–The Gulch–

The Frist– The Frist is an art museum. Obviously, it is unlike any other place in Nashville. Step away from the honky tonks, Broadway, the concerts, the festivals, the food trucks, and immerse yourself in some brain stimulating art, ya party animal.


312 Pizza– Chicago style pizza. I am in love with deep dish pizza. I’m not ashamed and nor should you be. They have vegan cheese. Pile it on and get to munching. I will say it is a bit pricey and a little too saucy in our opinion. This is saying a lot coming from MaLynn (the pizza sauce queen (unofficial title)). Also, great location in the middle of Germantown which is one of our favorite places to take a stroll.

–Southern/Western Nash–

The Dog of Nashville– They serve vegan hot dogs. You can make it the way you want. There is vegan beer. There are tots of the tater sort. We want to try them made every way possible and perhaps, one day, this dream will come true.

She's so happyyyy

She’s so happyyyy

Americano– We ordered the “Hot Chicken Taco” and subbed fried avocado and I must say I will be back or I will at least dream of going back. So delicious. So delectable. So darn good.

Love Peace & Pho– Vegan paradise. If you love Vietnamese food then Vietnamese Paradise. We get the “Vegetarian Pho” and the “Vegetarian Banh Mi” which are both vegan by the way. They have vegan seafood, chicken, and pork. Absolutely astounding and the service is always impeccable.

Mckay Books– We have spent hours, hours, and more hours in this building. We are addicted to the written word and when we found out that there was a place with thousands upon thousands of books at little to no price we had no choice but to go. This place is massive. Two stories of books, records, cds, movies, electronics, games, instruments, and cassette tapes. You can even go and trade in some of your old belongings for cash or credit. This is an absolute must go.

McKay Books

The Books

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Bonus: These are some of the places that we love on the outskirts of Nashville and you should definitely check them out.

–Murfreesboro, TN–

Pad Thai Cafe– This place never disappoints! Their Tom Yum and General Tofu is our go to every single time we are here. Seriously the best Thai food we have had thus far and I have a hard time imagining a place to get any better.



–Franklin, TN–

The Factory at Franklin– Restaurants after storefronts after coffee shops after more storefronts. The building is absolutely beautiful. There are so many antiques. In fact, the building itself looks like one. The wide open spaces are (insert Dixie Chicks’ song) what we love most about it, with the couches and tables in the middle to sit and read, enjoy your juice from Franklin Juice Co. (get the watermelon if it’s in season), and hang out for awhile.

–Smyrna, TN–

Carpe Cafe– This is a small, local little cafe in a not very known part of Tennessee. There are not a lot of hipsters, which I consider a good sign because it means it is not a trend…People go here just because they like it. We are some of those people. We have spent countless hours here sipping our lattes and green teas. We go often so we are thankful for their punch cards rewards. There are no vegan options except salad without the chicken and soy milk, but the staff is friendly and I am sure they would try to accommodate to anything you could try to think up.  Also, they have live music on weekend evenings that you want to just kick back, have a coffee, and relax.

Carpe Cafe Love


–Arrington, TN–

Arrington Vineyards– I, Maria, am not a fan of wine but MaLynn is and on a very nice, clear day I thought it would be nice to suck it up and take her for a wine tasting. As hesitant as I was and as prone to gagging as I am, I can say that this is one of my favorite days that I have had with the love of my life. We tasted many that I did not like and when asked what I do like I responded with, “Beer.” The lady behind the bar said she had just the thing for me and pulled out a bottle of Viognier. Tastes like beer. Bought a bottle, sat on a swing out near the vineyard, listened to some live jazz music, and never wanted to leave.

The Vineyard

Arrington Vineyard


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