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Living in Our Prius

We are living the great adventure! We have moved out of our “traditional” house and have made a home in our Prius.

Many people are taking to the road and living out of their vans/ converted buses. We decided we could live just as easily out of our Prius. (Plus think of the gas money saved and lessened impact on the environment involved)

I won’t gloss it over for you. It was tough, stressful, and a true test of our relationship getting started. One person living in a Prius is fine and dandy. Two’s a crowd. That is, if you don’t have a good system and organizational plan in place.

Maria is a bit OCD and I’m a lot more laid back, but neither of us could take the clutter. We splurged on a Yakima Rocketbox for the roof of our car to hold our excess clothes, tent, and chairs. Trust us, it is a necessity for a couple living in their car.

Below is a short list of how we altered our Prius to better fit our new lifestyle for the Adventure ahead:

  • Stuff sacks for clothes, hats, and winter accessory storage. TIP: get the waterproof sacks. You never know what may happen and you can use the small ones for storing electronics while camping.
  • Yakima Rocketbox Pro 14: This fits perfect for the size of our Prius. We especially love that it locks on both sides and comes with two keys. While we wish we could fit everything up top, there is limited space. The highest you can stack items is about 2 ft. This sounds high until you consider the fact that most suitcases or duffels are approximately 21″ in height. I worked for an hour arranging things to fit just perfectly and we still ended up with one chair under our mattress pad in the back.


    (a lifesaver for any supertramp)

  • Curtain rod (41 1/2″L 7/16th” W fits Prius): You can find these at a few places. We went to Lowes, because it was near us at the time and we knew that they cut the length to your specifications. Once you’ve acquired the rod, nail a small nail into each end and it will fit perfectly into the crease above the seat belts where the plastic meets the roof fabric.
  • Clothes Rod (40″L the size of a quarter in width): We bought and had this cut at Lowe’s too. It will fit into the backseat handles against the garment hook. Perfect for hanging jackets or sweaters that we wear often (Plus adds extra shade from that unrelenting sun)

    (Look closely and you can see the curtain rod and clothes rod)

    (Look closely and you can see the curtain rod and clothes rod)

  • Full size mattress topper for bed: This was a lifesaver. Our bed is so indescribably comfortable. We removed the headrests and laid down the seats. I’m 5’7″ and have enough room to stretch my legs out comfortably. We added a little battery-powered light to illuminate our “bedroom” at night when we don’t want to use the car battery.
  • Toiletry kits for holding miscellaneous necessities: These are a giant help with organization. We have one bag that has all our shower items we need when showering at the gym.  The other holds things we need to grab and go: toothbrushes, paste, lotion, etc. TIP: Put the carrying loops around the bars of the headrests.


    (you need these)

  • Tackle box: It. Holds. Everything. Seriously, we put our first aid kit, scissors, tools, extra q-tips, paint brushes and paints, vitamins, camping supplies- you name it. We have it in the front passenger floorboard for easy access.
    tackle box

    (ahh organization)


    (yes, those are two million Q-tips)

  • Baskets for our frequently worn clothes: We keep socks and undergarments in one and our t-shirts and bottoms in the other. These are kept stacked behind one seat with our tennis shoes and rain boots.
  • Clothes iron for cooking food: We have a car converter that allows us to plug in items with wall plug-ins. TIP: Buy parchment paper to keep the food from sticking to the iron. You can get this at any supermarket.


    (just add some vegan goodness,  parchment paper, and beer and you’re in for a tasty meal)

  • Laptop desk for easily cooking and preparing food (See Above Photo): This was a little more difficult for us to find. We finally found one at Bargain Hunt (a discount retail store). It makes food prepping much easier. TIP: You can find almost anything you may need at discount stores. It will save you so much money just to take a look.
  • One gym membership to Planet Fitness for showers/ water access: The beauty of Planet Fitness is that if you have a Black Card membership then you have unlimited access to the gym and you can always bring a guest. We pay for one membership, because obviously we will always go to the gym together for workouts and showers. Saves us at least ten dollars a month, not to mention money we would spend on water. A big plus is it also gives us motivation to work out!
  • Plastic storage containers for organizing and easy access of condiments in glove box: We turned our glove box into a snack box. Snacks are really important to us. TIP:  Make sure to measure your glove box before purchasing a container.
    Storage containers

    (all the condiments and tea you could ask for)

    (Keeps the glove box chaos under control)

    (Keeps the glove box chaos under control)

  • Window Shade: We purchased a black foam board from Walmart along with velcro which we placed on the back window. This really helps keep the car cool during the day and the sun out of our eyes in the morning when we are sleeping. The extra privacy is just a bonus. TIP: measure your back glass to ensure you get the board that will give you the most sun protection.

If you thought I said the words “easy access” too many times during this post it’s because this is very important to us. We hate having to dig to find things we need. We want to know where it is and everything having its own place really helps when you’re sharing a car with another person.

If you have any questions for us or suggestions we would love to hear them! Reply to this post, email us, or hit us up on instagram or twitter!

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  1. Deah W. September 18, 2016

    Never have I felt a more comfy bed than the one that is in your Prius home!

    • MaLynn September 18, 2016 — Post Author

      Thanks, Deah! If we had a guest room, we’d invite you to stay haha

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