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Five Favorite Vegan Eats-Tennessee

I mean, who doesn’t have food at the top of their favorite things in the world list? We don’t know and we don’t want to know. Those people aren’t for us. We love these places and we think you would too if you gave them a try. This list is in no particular order.


The Wild Cow— The Wild Cow is located in Nashville and one of the very first spots we tried when we moved here. The chipotle seitan tacos are my life, but I haven’t had anything I didn’t like.

wild cow

vegan burger


Imagine Vegan— Unfortunately, it is located in Memphis. Well, obviously not for the people who live there but sad for those of us that would like to eat there for every meal…We have made this drive many times and will continue as long as we are within driving distance.

Imagine vegan


Sluggo’s— Located in Chattanooga. Mashed potatoes with mushroom gravy and a sandwich known as The Berliner…just do it.

sluggos vegan


Vegan Vee— Located in Nashville. Vegan gluten-free bakery…Now I’m not one to really go out of my way for sweets but MaLynn is addicted. When I tell you that both of us think that this is the place with the best donuts/muffins/baked goods anyone has ever had then I mean it.

vegan vee


Graze— Also in Nashville. First of all, the atmosphere is perfect. Laid back, fun, relaxing. Secondly, Bahn Minis. Amiright? 100% addicted.

graze nashville

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