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DIVING head first

Over the weekend, I, Maria, had the pleasure of acknowledging the day of my birth a quarter of a century ago with the wonderful human known as MaLynn.

Early in the morning she drove us to Chattanooga, Tennessee. We arrived at a vegan eatery known as Sluggo’s North Vegetarian Cafe. We got the Culture Club sandwich and the garlic mashed potatoes with the mushroom gravy. So, yum.

After lunch, she hands me her cell phone with something that is asking me to sign here x______________. ….? What is this? Why am I initialing 15 different things and the mention of death is at the beginning of almost every line??

Oh, right! I’m only about to partake in something that I have always wanted to do…SKYDIVE. I freak out. How high will we be? What do I need to know? I could die. We could die. Where are we doing this? Will the view be good? Do I need a diaper? What if I can’t go through with it? Seriously though, what if we die?

A couple of hours later and a nice walk around Coolidge Park and watching some “Disc Dogs” (dogs that catch frisbees while their masters yell at them to hurry up and humans judge who is the “best” at it and then the human wins the prize…) and grabbing a lemon doughnut at a little vegan place called Cashew we head to the place where the truth will be revealed.




The truth is, I am officially in love with this type of adventure. Falling—flying—- there is absolutely nothing like it. I am forever addicted. It’s easy and honestly the scariest part is just the fact that you know that you will be falling for a full minute from 14,000 feet attached to someone that has your life in their hands. No big deal.

(She, MaLynn, absolutely could not have done better at showing her appreciation that I’m alive than sending me to my death. Really. BEST. GIFT. EVER.)

We went to Chattanooga Skydiving and the atmosphere was extremely laid back and casual. Everyone was folding up their chutes as if they had been doing it everyday for years. Hopefully they had.

Click here to see MaLynn’s Skydiving Video

Click here to see Maria’s Skydiving Video 

malynn sky



After taking the plunge, we made our way back toward Chattanooga to get some foodage. We decided to try Good Dog because we read that they had vegan hotdogs. Holy shit. Go. Make your own. Order one they have. Whatever. Just try it. Promise? We got The New York Street Cart to share and each made our own with fries on the side. Absolutely incredible.

Good Dog, bitch


After the feast, she took me for a walk over the Tennessee River down Walnut Street bridge and back up Market Street bridge where we heard a violinist playing U2 songs. (She did not plan this though I am certain that she wouldn’t mind taking the credit for it.)


Perfect ending to a perfect day.

Fast forward to the next day. We decided to stay the night and head to Cloudland Canyon in Georgia. By the way, if you’ve never been then it is a must see if you are ever in the area. All day hiking is what we needed and it is what we got.


malynn cc2


Then back to Chattanooga. Apparently we had an addiction that weekend. To Brewhaus it is. It just so happens that they have vegan options! I mostly wanted beer but I was pleasantly surprised by the options that we now had so we were compelled to partake.


Needless to say, I was pretty f’ing excited. I was not disappointed and you wouldn’t be either if you did any or everything on this somewhat of a list I just made. You’re welcome for your free weekend plans.



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  1. Deah October 10, 2016

    Definitely enjoyed getting to see you all’s sky diving pictures!

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