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Five Falls of Tennessee

These are a few of our favorite waterfalls in the state of Tennessee. We have lived near Nashville for about two years now and have gotten to explore many things in this amount of time. These are not in any particular order and are all almost equally spectacular. They just so happen to all be not too far from where we live as well. You drive for about an hour in any direction and you are bound to see something beautiful. Check these places out!

  1. Fall Hollow Falls— This is definitely one of the smaller falls around but no less alluring. We visited in the dead of winter and it was positively the best choice. No people (always a plus with us).

fall hollows falls tennessee

falls hollow falls tennessee


2. Greeter Falls— Absolutely one of my favorite drives to get to this place. It becomes more beautiful with every mile. The drive hardly prepares you for the beauty you are about to behold.

greeter falls greeter falls tennessee


3. Fall Creek Falls— Stairs, stairs, and more stairs. Worth every single step.

fall creeks falls

fall creek falls

(worth the walk)

4. Foster Falls— Lies at one end of Fiery Gizzard trail in Tracy City, TN. (One trail that everyone must hike but that is for another post).

Foster Falls


5. Twin Falls— This one is probably our favorite. The walking trail next to it is absolutely beautiful. Surrounded by rocks and lots of hidden trails and cliffs to stand and marvel at all that lies before you.

twin falls

Twin Falls and Mister

(Mister loves Twin Falls)

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  1. Deah W. July 26, 2016

    You’re not lying about stairs, stairs and more stairs when it comes to Fall Creek Falls. But definitely worth the trip for sure! It is one trip that I take every year.

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